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X-MIST is an automatic activation sanitizing tunnel able to reduce the bacterial load of the viruses thanks to the nebulization of a solution of ozone stabilized in water.


X-MIST is een ontsmettingstunnel met automatische activering die de bacteriële belasting van de virussen kan verminderen dankzij de verneveling van een in water gestabiliseerde ozonoplossing.

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no. 5 nozzles

200/300 persons

per hour
no. 7 nozzles

750/1200 persons

per hour


The X-MIST ST models are an automatic sanitizing Access Control tunnel. Robust structure in painted and galvanized metal sheet, transparent side viewing panels, easy access also with wheelchairs and for people with limited mobility.

Nozzles spray on people a solution of water and Ozone. TRIME uses the system TERSANO SAO, Stabilized Aquous Ozone. The system is safe and certified on people. Test ASTM certified a deactivation of bacteria of 5 log (99,999%) on exposed surfaces even food.

People walking inside the tunnel is exposed for 5 – 7 seconds to the mist Ozone is fast and easily sanitized on all exposed surfaces without risk. Fine nebulisation to avoid the wet effect and decrease the use of water.

Fine nebulisation to avoid the wet effect and decrease the use of water

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